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How I Work

Howdy! I’m an American and Japanese traditional artist, specializing in bold and vibrant pieces designed to look just as spectacular when your meat suit is wrinkly. I also dabble in Dotwork and Neo-Traditional for my floral work and other subject matters. When booking a tattoo with me I approach it one of two ways. Either a design is given to me and I reproduce it on the skin as is, with necessary corrections and adjustments being made to the original drawing. OR! I pull from the ol’ think tank and redesign an original piece of art meant to fit you like a silken white glove.


Thanks for wanting to learn more about my process and price points based on the following parameters.

My hourly rate is roughly $120/hr with a minimum of $100. This minimum is not flexible and covers my base cost for even the ittiest, bittiest, winniest of tattoos. Price estimates for tattoos are best done through a consultation which can be booked in-person or through zoom!

Whats on the menu? We’ve got…

tiny traditional bee tattoo

Tiny Tattoos

Size: 1in. - 6in.
Price: $120 - $300

Looking to fulfill your dream of being the proud owner of a patchwork sleeve? You'll be well on your way with these bite size designs great for filling pre existing tattoo gaps or as a one off stab-and-go. A lot of flash and simple designs land here.

a person's arm with hearts and flowers tattoo

Small Tattoos

Size: 5in. - 7in.
Price: $300 - $600

This compact piece is ideal for designs incorporating 1 to 3 elements, such as "a wizard casting a small with smoke clouds behind him in color.

a medium sized tattoo on a person's leg

Medium Tattoos

Size: 7in. - 10in.
Price: $600 - $1000

Wanting to fill up an outer forearm or bicep? How about the back of the calf? Then you're in the right spot! With the larger canvas, small and intricate details can withstand the test of time with a "Large Tattoo". Bigger concepts are possible and encouraged with these pieces, such as "a roaring dragon bursting from a castle.

a person with a colorful full sleeve tattoo on their arm

Large Tattoos

Size: 10in. - 34in.
Split it up:Anything on this scale is impossible for me to adequately finish in a day, requiring from 2 to 4 sessions depending on magnitude and complexity
Pricing: First day Session is $720, following sessions will be charged by an hourly rate of $120

Nothing beats big Tattoos! These masterpieces require a nice piece of real-estate such as a back, thigh, or torso, and are design to fit your anatomy. Designing these pieces requires us to meet for art showings and sizing prior to your appointment.

Deposit Policy

To reserve the time for tattooing services a $120 deposit is required. This deposit holds your time and date and either a percentage or the whole deposit will be subtracted from the amount charged from services rendered. What this means is when being cashed out for services let’s say the total is $500, then $120 would be subtracted from the total with a remaining balance due of $380.

How do I know what percentage will go towards my tattoo? Easy! I’ll tell you in person. Normally if I’m reproducing a pre-existing design most of the leg work is done so usually the whole of the deposit will be applied to the tattoo. If, however, I’m assembling a custom piece of art a percentage will be taken to cover my drawing cost.

If you’re booking a medium or larger size tattoo then the deposit amount may be subject to change.



Keep the bandage on for 3 to 5 days. Remove early if bandage is leaking, creased in a way that foreign fluid can get under the bandage, the tattoo is exposed, or a reaction occurs. Reactions to the adhesive will occur in the first few hours. Signs will be redness around the whole area, not just the tattoo, burning sensation, or discomfort.

The material is permeable, which allows the tattoo to breathe. You can shower like normal, but don’t submerge the bandage. Try to avoid strenuous physical activity while the bandage is on. The adhesive lifts off with heat, so when the bandage is ready to be removed I advise removing it under warm running water—such as in the shower.

Clean the tattoo thoroughly with Castile soap, pat dry with a disposable paper towel, and hydrate with non-scented, water-based lotion such as lubriderm, cetaphil, or hustle butter.

If the bandage stays on for the full duration you no longer have to clean your tattoo. You only need to hydrate it anytime the skin is dry, itchy, or tight.


If saniderm is a no-go due to an adhesive allergy or sensitive I’ve presumably globbed ointment on your tattoo and wrapped you with clingwrap or bandaging. This temporary barrier should be removed after 1 to 3 hours, following which you should clean your tattoo with castile soap (I prefer this over non scented antibacterial soap like gold dial as it does a similar job without drying out the skin), pat dry with disposable paper towel, and hydrate. What works best to keep your tattoo rejuvenated along the process are tattoo specific ointments such as hustle butter or ink-eeze, otherwise a non scented lotion like CeraVe will suffice. Avoud petroleum based products like Vaseline or Aquaphor unless you’re familiar with the product. You will only need to do this once the day of the tattoo, afterwards I advise cleaning and hydrating your tattoo 2 to 3 times a day for 2 to 4 weeks or until no scabs or skin flakes remain. Do NOT itch or scratch at your tattoos, especially early in the healing. Instead, pat your tattoo lightly and avoid slapping or hydrate – your skin may be thirsty. Lastly, if you experience additional swell or minor discomfort during the first few days I recommend a Tylenol.

Minor Policy

Minors looking for tattooing services must meet an age requirement of 16 years of age, as well both verbal and written consent are required from a parent or legal guardian of the minor. Minors need to bring a form of ID to appointments where tattooing services will be rendered. This ID must have a photo of the minor and their name printed on it. The parent or legal guardian of the minor must also bring their photo ID and the minor’s birth certificate. The parent or legal guardian is required to be present for the entirety of services being rendered.


Minors are subjected to a handful of rules and guidelines that are followed with prejudice. I will only tattoo a minor in a location that requires no clothing to be removed or lifted to be reached. Other off-limit areas are: hands, fingers, neck, face, scalp, ear, and inner lip.

Subject matter is very important to me when tattooing a minor. Rarely is this problematic, however, it is still something worth noting.

a man with a beard and a beanie

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